Arrange for your Car to be valeted at your home or place of work…

Regular valeting could help keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking new.

Here at Shones we can visit your home or workplace whichever is most convenient.

Save money with our domestic special offer when having three cars valeted at your home. View details here.

Mobile valeting services we offer include:

Exterior wash

Hand wash with wax and shampoo with a leather to finish. This also includes wheels, arches and tyres and door shuts.

Interior vacuum

This includes all upholstery, floor mats and carpets.

Exterior wax

Applied after wash. Cream wax restores paintwork.

Interior valet

Internal vacuum, fabrics shampooed, leather cleaned and softened and boot area also cleaned and vacuumed.


Includes sun visors.

Engine clean

Pressure wash of engine and compartment, dried and treated with engine lacquer.

Full valet

Hand wash using wax and shampoo, leather finish. Wheels, tyres and door shuts cleaned as well as upholstery vacuumed and shampooed. All exterior cleaned, polished and waxed and windows and mirrors cleaned. Internal panels, plastics and vents are also cleaned.

Paint treatments

A protective but invisible coating applied to paintwork and upholstery.